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“HR Technology: Modernize HR Function in The Digital Era “


HR Transformation

HR disruptive changes is taking place. Instead of beating them, we joining them, and always make a progress on our services.


Systematic Measurement

To reach your goal, we partnered with many HR technologies software, vendors, and apps so that we can track, monitor, and measure the results more efficiently


More Effective & More Efficient

There are many HR Tech solutions that will be able to help HR & recruiters be more effective & efficient


SkillSolved partnered with many HR technologies software, vendors, and apps in order to modernize HR function in the digital era in Bangkok Thailand. From recruiting perspective, SkillSolved provides an integrated recruitment solution from building a career page website, attracting talent with contents (infographics, videos, articles, VR/AR, cartoons, LINE stickers, etc.), implementing & training clients on applicant tracking system (ATS) technology, and measuring results from having a systematic method to hiring. Given the pace of technology, there are many HR Tech solutions that will be able to help HR & recruiters be more effective & efficient. Our previous experience with HR tech solutions are applicant tracking system (ATS), machine learning chat bot (Artificial Intelligence), virtual reality, augmented reality, engagement app, gamification app, referral platform, video recruitment, etc.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) VS. Human Recruiters

No longer can human overlook what technology, AI can do as a sourcing tool. In competition where global recruiter compete with an AI in sourcing talent, AI was much faster at identifying talent. However, in terms of building relationship, negotiation, persuading, advising candidates to take the job, technology cannot replace what humans can do. At a mid-senior level, human interactions are much more meaningful as we’re emotional being and trust can only be built with relationships rather than depending on just the robots.


Client Case Study

One of our clients in Bangkok Thailand was looking to invest in the applicant tracking system and has asked SkillSolved to do a research on whether the product, technology, and its application was suitable for the client. Many ATS nowadays offer algorithm matching, integrated assessment tools, push marketing, reporting & analytics, and mobile application. We found that the applicant tracking system the client is looking to invest does not have competitive advantage and still has not figure out what the demand in the market is. Client would like to recruit top talent around the world. By using the ATS, which this particular ATS is used for screening candidates, it would not solve client’s problems in attracting the top talent around the world. The client needs an employer branding tech which we have recommended in order to grow to the next level.


Application Tracking System (ATS)

Are you still receiving CV in your inbox and manually keeping them in folders? What if there is a better way to utilize existing assets (resume, CV) that are sitting idle in your hiring managers & HR email inboxes? The solution is called applicant tracking system (ATS). There are many that exist in the market, each with different pros & cons, pricing, depending on client’s needs. ATS features include powerful search engine or keyword search, attaching candidates to particular job or group for easy identification in the future, writing notes on candidates where others can see the strengths and weaknesses of candidates without having to re-contact again, and building such database so that clients can always come back to approach these previous candidates in the ATS without having to pay for more job posting, LinkedIn, etc.