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  • CEO’s Thoughts : What To Be Grateful For When You’re Hitting Your 30s

    articles | By Thienthun Neesanant

    Sometimes in life we’re pushing boundaries… Maybe we’re working hard to support our family or maybe we’re pursuing a certain dream.. Whatever the case maybe sometimes we forget to enjoy the ride.. I myself fall into this trap…

    A few weeks ago I had a chance to take a trip to Phuket with a group of friends, without my 1.5 year old son, and I felt a very good joy inside.. I felt away from the routine, talked more with my wife, friends, read, and thought about life, work, and family … And I can’t be more than thankful enough to be in a situation I’m in 🙂

    My Family

    I’m so thankful that my parents are healthy and enjoying their lives raising Klay, my son and the only grandchild. I believe this kid brought our family, siblings closer together, and he’s a joy to have. Hanging out with Klay, I could forget whatever might be stressful in life whether it’s professional or personal. Fatherhood has been a wonderful experience, even in the beginning it seems like there is so much responsibilities. I’m just grateful that Klay is a healthy boy.


    My Work

    Building a company from zero hasn’t been easy and it couldn’t happen without such a great engagement from my team leads and every members of SkillSolved. It’s super special that we develop a great culture and a team-first working environment…

    If SkillSolved didn’t have the people with the right attitude and growth mindset, it would have been a tough journey. I’m thankful that my team allow me to lead us into a territory where no other HR Solution has gone before. We will be The Engine of Growth Through Talent.


    My Wife

    Without Jum, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. When we first met, she believed in me enough that I may turn things around when I was unemployed. Now I’m able to focus with what I’m doing only because she sacrificed by leaving a full time job to take care of Klay. Being a full-time mom can be boring and routine, and then when I get home she still fed my tummy. She has raised Klay to be a lovely kid so far.


    My Friends

    When you’re in your mid 30s and you’re married, you’re focusing more on your career and family, then naturally you don’t hang out with your friends as much anymore. Even though that may be the case, I’m lucky enough to have friends, acquaintances that thought about me and my HR business. The referral and general phone call hasn’t dry up and they do make a difference in my life. I need to do a better job of staying in touch and go spend quality time with friends. Thank you for thinking of me.

    May you all have the moment to reflect all the good things around us and have the power to keep fighting & continue whatever challenge you’re taking on. Drop me a note, your message means a lot.

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    Thienthun Neesanant

    Driving our growth forward defines what we believe in. Clients & candidates MUST benefit from partnership. My job is to ensure that everyone wins.

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