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    Internship with SkillSolved Headhunter Thailand

    เรื่องดีๆ ที่เกิดขึ้นกับครอบครัว SkillSolved
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    เวอร์ชั่นภาษาไทยก็มีจ้า: https://bit.ly/2HqFPFa

    Hi, guys.

    I think it’s unnecessary to introduce myself, but in case you ever come across my blog for the first time and don’t know who I am, here we go.

    My name is Rakkan, a third year software engineering student. I had a very enjoyable summertime. You might be wondering what countries I have been to. NO! I didn’t travel aboard. Instead of spending chill time at home, I went out of my comfort zone and decided to apply for my first internship program at SkillSolved Headhunter Thailand.

    Why did I apply ? What it’s really like to be the intern?

    The thing is… I have to apply for internship in the next year as it’s compulsory and a part of the university curriculum. It has to be in the industry relating to my field of study which is about software engineering. I didn’t want to waste my breath doing nothing at home and I thought it would be nice if I could have a short period of practical experience before my real internship time has come.

    After googling, I saw the post from SkillSolved ! They were looking for an intern in the position of Content Editor. I knew it right away that I wanted to try because writing is my passion. It’s one of the things I’m very good at. I looked at SkillSolved website for a while and then there was no hesitation at all. I quickly sent out my resume along with the portfolio through e-mail to them.

    A couple days later, SkillSolved sent back an appointment email and asked me to do the test -Translating English article to Thai. The tests are used to screen applicants and to find right interns. I was surprised there were so many interns want to apply here though.

    On interview day

    This company is located at FYI Center where you can reach in 2 minutes from Queen Sirikit National Convention Center MRT Station. The building is pretty cool. Even though the interview time was scheduled at 10 a.m. but I was there at 9 o’clock. It’s better to be one hour too soon than a minute too late, isn’t it ?


    I was waiting for someone to show up… and then there she is! Company Art Director entered into the room!

    This person is all about bringing a company’s brand and image to life. She is more focused on the concept and delegate work to graphic and handle heavy digital production work. Simply means I’ll report to the Art Director and help her manage a team if they choose me.

    I’m confident I did it pretty good at the interviewing. She asked me to speak in English and questioned about my personal writing style, sources of inspiration, and vision for the company’s future.

    “You’re studying engineering, right ? So why are you interested in this position ? ”

    As I wrote above. I really want to do the job that I love.

    “Do you have any experiences in writing or working in any organizations?”

    Well, I was a copywriter for TEDxKasetsartU this May. (I’m not sure if it’s counted.)

    “What do you know about us?”

    For sure, it’s impossible to answer the question if I didn’t do any research on it. But I did! I went to the company’s website and read everything on the web page. Therefore, I could explain clearly about SkillSolved. It’s recruitment company. What makes this company stand out from other Recruitment agency is the way they represent their image to the world. It suitably reflects the high-end nature of the Headhunt industry but in the meanwhile I could use sense the creativity in it.

    After 15 minutes of excitement with Art Director, the CEO of SkillSolved came to join the interview. He asked me few questions and I was officially welcomed as an intern. Yayyy!

    First day of internship

    It’s sad that I had to wake up at 5.50 a.m. every day. I mean it’s toooooo early ! But that was the best way to avoid traffic jam on Phaholyothin Road (a.k.a. THE MOST TERRBLE STREET LINE OF BANGKOK) in the morning.

    I arrived at 8 a.m. I met some recruiters and another intern who applied for Creative Designer.

    When everyone was there, the CEO told us to introduce ourselves. The Art Director gave us a 20 minute window to setup email and arranged a brief catch-up. She explained me on job descriptions, assignments, and what I have to do in these next 2 months. I feel very motivated to do all of them though.

    At noon, we had lunch together at the hotel nearby our office which was a Japanese buffet. And yes, I didn’t have to pay anything.

    During an internship

    My main task is to “TRANSLATE” foreign articles then “WRITE” them in my own style. It was very challenging because the topics were all about “RECRUITING” and I didn’t get used to that (yet). Everyone can read but translation is far from easy! There were so many technical words that I have never seen before.

    What I do everyday?

    “Variety” I would say! As a content editor, I had to read English articles, news, watch English video, and analyze infographics. Those things are my resource to write content. Translation is more than just transporting words or sentences from one language to another. It involves the feelings, emotions and thoughts. The real challenge is: Can translator communicate all the sentiments attached to the text, bridge the cultural differences and overcome language barriers?

    After working for a week, I got my own contents and some of them were published on the website. Then I had to present my works to everyone in the office meeting. The presentation was about key points of content, how many likes and shares, and how can I help company to be more interesting by using content marketing.

    Many people believe that being a writer is easy!

    I want to believe that in order to succeed at this craft, we all need to do is work real hard and write a whole lot. Then, you will “make it.” That’s just not true. There are hard truths about writing.

    If you think it is easy. You are completely wrong.



    [By The Way] — What is Recruitment ? What does SkillSolved do?

    What is recruitment ? Who are recruiters ?
    I know some haven’t got it yet.

    I had no idea either. But after working and learning here, I strongly believe that recruitment is the part of our lives, especially of those who are a salary-man.

    Recruiting = a part of hiring people.

    It can also be defined as the “process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating and encouraging them to apply for jobs in an organization”.

    Let say the recruitment is the process of choosing the right person for the right position and at the right time.

    At SkillSolved, there’re many expert recruiters and professional consultants who focus exclusively on mid-senior level permanent positions in various industries: Banking & Financial Services , Life Science, Industrials, FMCG & Consumers, Information Technology, etc.

    The fact that everyone can speak English fluently and confidently is very impressive. Some of them even speak 3rd or 4th language!

    Every day at work, I wonder if I was working in a multinational company!

    Inside SkillSolved

    First of all, what I like the most is the organization’s culture. I really appreciate the office environment. Although, there’re about 20 people here but it’s very fast growing enterprise startups. SkillSolved is Tech-Savvy and Family-Centric. The CEO inspired me in many ways. He actually told me that it is not necessary to wear student uniform when you come to work. Unlike other companies. In the second week, he asked me and another intern to join the catch-up. We had a conversation about the company core values. He passed us the company’s Term & Conditions and asked our opinion, what we think about it, how we feel after joining here for 2 weeks, what we have learned so far, and if we wanted to talk with any headhunters in the office. To be sincere, it was totally touching when the CEO said

    “I want you to get the best thing while working here.”

    Well, it was my first internship and this was beyond my expectation. Who would imagine the CEO would say such a motivate thing to a normal intern? The CEO treated us so well. It is honorable to be a part of SkillSolved family. He gave opportunity and priority to every employee even an intern. He doesn’t behave like the ‘big boss’, but true leader.

    Second, the office is very modern and comfortable. Plenty of useful facilities are ready for everyone to use.

    Third, not just working but entertaining as well! There is special events that gave us a lot of benefits like participating in some sessions, being volunteers or hanging out together. Those activities reduced the stress from work and increased our knowledge.

    Last, SkillSolved is not just a ‘company’ where employees come to work and leave but it is a workplace that feel likes home. I could feel a sense of belonging. Everyone in the office is very kind and always help each other. The job is so stressful, but everybody is happy. There’re smiles and laughter in each day. I mean … what makes you feel like being a member of a family? I think it’s a strange mix of relating to a place, to people, to events, gatherings throughout the time, and so many other little things.

    What I can say about SkillSolved is…. we’re like a family.

    Free Pizza~ These guys are so incredible !
    Dr Caloryn_skillsolved_headhunter
    Dr. Carolyn Goerner’s session
    being volunteers with Paper Ranger org.

    Valuable experience is what I’ve received.

    In my opinion, working doesn’t make me tired or depressed at all.

    SkillSolved encourages the move from traditional, corporate mindsets to more flexible, collaborative workplaces. This company is open to ideas flowing from anywhere, regardless of hierarchy, which give employees at every stage an equal chance to be heard.

    I improved my english writing skills a lot! Moreover, I’ve met a lot of experts. I’ve learned many new things; how to work with an organization, how to handle with people, how to recruit, how recruitment industry can influence my life, etc.

    Even it’s a short period of time, being Content Editor at SkillSolved Recruitment was truly worthwhile. Whether it could make me money, I realized that doing a job I love could make me proud of myself too.

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